Hierarchical & Plain views

Hierarchical and Plain view

Plain view represents tokens with same JSON path pattern. 

For example, both JObjects from [ {"a" : 1}, {"a" : 2, "b" : 1 }] have '[1]' and '[2]' paths. Such array pattern '[*]' corresponds to '#[]' used by this site (Json2Xls Converter).

On Plain view are rendered simple items (string/number) of JArray and simple property values (string/number) of JObject tokens. 

Complex items (property values) like JArray and JObject will be rendered on separate sheet ('items#[]', 'employee=>address').

Hierarchical view displays all tokens in tree structure (See <ALL_IN_ONE> sheet).

<ROOT> sheet represents root token in JSON file.

Attention! If Plain sheet is empty that means value under specified key (JProperty) is JArray (not a string/number/object). 

Items of such JArray are rendered on separate sheet (with name ending '#[]').

For now,  it's not possible to change JArray to JObject/string/number/null token on Plain view.