About the Author

My name is Andrii Protskiv. I work as software engineer since 2005. Full-time employee.

First my non-trivial pet project was ReportExporters library (2008) - set of .NET classes that allows .NET developers quickly (without rendering in code Open XML format file) export data into Excel file. In later 2000s JSON became more popular than XML file format. I thought it would be more easy to view JSON & XML content in spreadsheet (in various views and layouts). I started this web site 2014 with Json/Xml to Excel online conversion toolIn May 2021 with releasing JSON Online Editor this website became a SaaS. 

I want to say thank you to that few people who continue to support development by subscribing to monthly Subscription and RapidAPI plans, even if they use website tools rarely.

Today, in 2022 I feel it's time to start another project. Big project. Please watch presentation

Technology that may change dating (online dating)

The draft roadmap of implementing Hashed Data & Criteria Comparison Service (HDCCS) technology into product look like:

  1. HDCCS API service - the core part of technology. Service will calculate compatibility level of two hashed profiles (with hashing algorithm MD5, SHA256, etc.). It will be published on RapidAPI marketplace.
  2. Questionnaire editor - new component (website) for building/editing Questionnaires. Since questionnaires will be stored in JSON file I will try to reuse my JSON Editor component.
  3. Profile editor (with Criteria editor) - new component (website) for building Profile and Filter/Preferences for "potential match". For criteria editor it's better to use Blockly widget so I will try to integrate it with Profile (JSON) Editor.
  4. Two websites: 1) for integration HDCCS with matrimonial / dating agencies 2) for end users only.
  5. Mobile client applications (Android/iOS) for each website.

Idea and concept of HDCCS is free. So any software engineer or IT company can implement it using modern computer technologies and instruments.

But I have doubts whether someone's want to invest time/money into non-existing market.  Global online dating market (size in 2022 is USD 3.97 billion) does NOT know about HDCCS yet.

I want to create such market - demand for HDCCS technology. I guess from 300M people that use dating apps we can build at least 100K community.

With support of community and patrons I will put my effort to implement roadmap above into working product. 

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